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GRUNER&FRIENDS core team is based in Basel, from where the firm operates worldwide, leading our network of international FRIENDS and collaborators around the globe.

FRIENDS stands for everyone in this key core team as well as those in our network partners, experts and clients who are constantly committed to outstanding excellence.

GRUNER&FRIENDS team ethos allows for scalability depending on your particular design requirements. Our networked approach brings a new level of efficiency, flexibility and dynamism to all our creative processes we are engaged in.

Founder & CEO | MSc ETH SIA ARB

Patrice Gruner is the founder and CEO of GRUNER&FRIENDS. After graduating from ETH Zurich, Patrice had joined Büro Ole Scheeren’s 70-employees design office in Beijing where he first came in contact with the OMA Design philosophy. He created concepts for major brands like Adidas and completed international competitions like the Olympic park. Later, he had returned to his hometown to join Burckhardt+Partner. Acting as an Overall Design Lead, he had worked on several projects, including the Schindler Campus and the $1.4 Billion Biogen Campus. Afterwards, Patrice joined Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) as a project manager for the Parisian Metro Station “Pont de Bondy”. Bjarke’s revolutionary design philosophy later reflected on Patrice’s architectural mindset and notion. In 2017, Patrice decided to return to Basel and founded GRUNER&FRIENDS, leading out a network of an international creative team.


We at GRUNER&FRIENDS lean on a Generative Design methodology to help us make more informed decisions through the design process. By combining parametric workflows and artificial intelligence, we can analyse thousands of options and evaluate their fitness based on specific criteria relevant to the needs of the  individual project. By taking a form follows data strategy, we can be confident that our designs are both rigorously tested and effective in their execution.

Additionally, as we collaborate with innovative professionals to create bespoke products, we are always looking for creative minds to join our team. Our Generative Design department is continuously expanding, forming a global network of Friends.

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