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Switzerland - March 2018

GRUNER&SKREIN is now hiring talented people to join our international team. Please send your application to:


Switzerland - July 2017

GRUNER&SKREIN moved into the Volkshaus Basel. It is located in the city center and has an amazing courtyard.


Copenhagen - June 2017

Raoul Skrein - Bjarke Ingels - Patrice Gruner
We had a great time at BIG! We gathered the most valuable experiences.


We at GRUNER&FRIENDS consider the Creative Lab as one of the pillars of our practice. The Creative Lab pushes beyond just Architecture into multidisciplinary projects; by combining domains such as Art, Design, Film, Research and Technology. We employ the lab’s expertise to tackle design aspects in a cohesive interrelated manner. We relish operating in experimental design, where we tackle unknown possibilities and explore new paths and ways to meet needs and challenges. We believe that collaboration with local and international universities and research institutes is an essential ingredient for continuous innovation and success.


We at GRUNER&FRIENDS have worked with industrial partners on the design of various products, providing an enriched approach from our own design perspective. We employ our own design tools and expertise to cater our clients’ needs for an avant-garde attitude towards design. We offer a distinctive strategy to design and fabrication that exploits latest technologies and market-based research to produce products that are competitive in both their aesthetics and assembly. Consequently, we employ an experimental design approach in various sectors, widening the range of alternatives of problem-solving methods.


We at GRUNER&FRIENDS consider Art installations as part of a design process we are experimenting, that reflects our architectural identity and alignment. Throughout collaborations with prominent names in the art scene, as well as non-profit organisations, we aspire to contribute and leave a mark. We seek creating connections with the art world by installations and contributions that represent us and our conceptual state-of-mind.


We at GRUNER&FRIENDS provide architectural services from the initial design stage up to project completion. Our design approach encompasses initial studies, conceptual design, project development and final handover. Utilising the latest technologies and research-based techniques, we are able to provide our clients with pioneering results. We carefully research the physical (site) and the non-physical (cultural, economic, social) CONTEXT in order to create unique CONCEPTS. The evolution of our architectural design process produces distinctive CONTENT which adds value to contemporary life. We specialise in corporate architecture, operating hand-in-hand with our clients, and transforming their wishes into reality. Our design methodology is both meiticulous and bespoke, emphasizing the identity and specific aims of every client.


We at GRUNER&FRIENDS have a breadth of experience across different scales of urban developments.We dedicate adequate resources to research, analysis, and understanding context. Combining our clients’ interests and goals, we create a vision that exceeds their expectations. Following context research and analysis, we employ generative design in the urban design process providing solutions that are most efficient. We consider all requirements, particular constraints, regulations, and data relative to the project as project input, generating a competent and well-organized output, in the most direct and cost-effective way. We gladly handle communication with the related authorities and public societies on behalf of our clients, as we consider them to be active stakeholders with prominent influence on any urban development.


We at GRUNER&FRIENDS lean on a Generative Design methodology to help us make more informed decisions through the design process. By combining parametric workflows and artificial intelligence, we can analyse thousands of options and evaluate their fitness based on specific criteria relevant to the needs of the  individual project. This approach enables us to pore over large datasets with ease and find idealised solutions quickly and with more surety. By taking a form follows data strategy, we can be confident that our designs are both rigorously tested and effective in their execution.


We at GRUNER&FRIENDS utilise Building Information Modelling (BIM) in our design implementation which facilitates collaboration and the exchange of information between architects, engineers and contractors within the design-and-build environment. Autodesk’s Revit BIM platform enables design modelling from pre-construction concept stages through to detailed construction stages as part of a continuous workflow.  We employ BIM as a dynamic process of creating information-rich models for the entire lifecycle of the building. As a project passes through different phases, the level of development in a BIM model also increases to different levels namely LOD 100, 200, 300, and beyond.


We at GRUNER&FRIENDS consider post-design services as fundamental in our line of expertise. We work hand-in-hand with all stakeholders including clients and contractors to make sure the final product meets the requirements and standards set. As well as review submittals, site issues and requests for information; we produce sketches, monitor site performance, and make sure that projects are following set milestones and requirements. Our strength in this field is highlighted by employing BIM tools such as Navisworks to achieve clash-free models and follow up with the technical drawings and submittals sent by contractors. This approach facilities expedited project reviewal as it connects all related parties coherently and in an efficient manner; saving both cost and time, while guaranteeing the highest quality.


We at GRUNER&FRIENDS consider Project Management as a process that syndicates all required tools and expertise to come out with a product that exceeds our clients’ expectations.  This is an area that we have excelled at in the past, and where we have demonstrated extensive skill through our involvement.  Representing our clients and acting as their deputy, we believe that this process requires all-encompassing dedication from all related consultants, under an organised and well-collaborating management umbrella. We deem that utilising BIM is fundamental for efficient quality control, as it ensures that any venture is coherent and well-coordinated.


We at GRUNER&FRIENDS believe that it is easy to throw around the term “sustainable design” when talking about a new construction project, but in reality, ensuring that a building design is indeed sustainable is a complex process. The design phase takes utmost importance. In the early stages of the design process, we tackle factors that affect sustainability; creating a plan that incorporates environmental mindfulness into the various aspects of the construction process. Our team includes certified professionals that assess and advise on aspects of sustainability, making sure our projects meet all required standards and procedures. We aspire to provide design solutions that minimize CO2 emissions, and aim for a Carbon-neutral approach - prioritising areas of green space whenever possible.


We at GRUNER&FRIENDS have gathered an extensive expertise in conducting Feasibility studies. We can aid our clients in selecting a site and appropriate program, testing local conditions and establishing relevant financial criteria. Additionally, we investigate procurement options, identify the need for specialists; and undertake preliminary discussions with local authorities.  We utilise a generative design approach and analytical-modelling to enhance our understanding, providing our clients with the optimum feasible solutions. This approach boosts project viability in terms of cost, quality, and time; while rationalising and mitigating risks.


We at GRUNER&FRIENDS believe that Graphics and Project communication are essential factors that play a major role in all aspects of design presentation. They form an integral part in all phases of the architectural and design projects. Proper and well-defined communication is key to a project’s success. Applying graphical knowledge helps both our clients and ourselves to pitch more cohesive concepts, market projects smarter, and to sell ideas faster. We have extensive experience in presenting our ideas systematically, as well as representing our clients’ objectives and goals. Communicating with the public is an area we have excelled at, as we consider them an essential stakeholder. Additionally, we collaborate closely with GRUNERFILMS, a Basel based multi-award winning film production company.

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